Lower delivery cost,4 weeks + 2 weeks complimentary

The most affordable and reliable home staging & property styling expert. We base on Southwest Melbourne and cover:Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook, Williams Landing, Tarneit, Truganina etc.



House Auction Example

Lemon staging will bring the stylist to personally visit your home to inspect, photograph and measure prior to installation. We purchase high quality furniture and staging accessories from top brands in Australia. We will bring out the best in the property, emphasizing space, functionality and features of the property to make the home feel bigger, brighter and cleaner.


Living Room


Family Room


Dining Area



Sold Beyond Expected Houses


Large Family Rooms

For the large living room or multiple living rooms, our design concept is to introduce the famous furniture from both Eastern and the Western Styles, and to maintain a reasonable layout while retaining enough space to give people an elegant visual enjoyment.


Whole Styled Kitchen

The overall kitchen layout, based on the difference between Eastern and Western cultures, combined with open and semi-open kitchen rooms, is designed with a small amount of kitchen utensils and furnishings to reflect the relaxed and practical environment of the kitchen.


City Apartment

For the layout of the apartment, we designed the compact and practical furniture and the square partial carpet layout to make the space bigger and warmer.



Free Inspection & Quote

Lemon staging will bring the stylist to personally visit your home to inspect, photograph and measure prior to installation. All the inspections and quotes are free.


Lower Delivery Fee

We take your stress and dare to say "no sell, no charge" which is conditional applied for auction properties, because we are confidential with our quality and service.


4 weeks + 2 weeks complimentary

Lemon staging is Melbourne most affordable and reliable home staging expert. We value our brand and we want to make sure that you are satisfied with our service and get the best outcome for your property campaign.

Why should you do it?

The Benefits Of Professional Home Staging


Attract buyers

It creates emotional buyers which in turn drives the price up and helps the home to sell quickly.


Save your time

A huge benefit of property staging is obviously selling the property quickly, and achieving the best possible price at the same time.


Maximise the property’s potential

Most importantly it helps buyers to fall in love with the property which is exactly what you want!


Highlight the best features of the property

Staging can help distract from some negative features of the property for example; stains or scratches on floor etc. Highlight the best features of the property

Home Staging Prices

More price packages, please Contact Us

Fully Furnished Package 1
$ 2200

4 weeks + 2 weeks complimentary

  • 2 Bedroom
  • 1 Living Area
  • 1 Dining Area
Fully Furnished Package 2
$ 3200

4 weeks + 2 weeks complimentary

  • 4 Bedroom
  • 2 Living Areas
  • 1 Dining Area
Partially Furnished Package 1
$ 1200

4 weeks + 2 weeks complimentary

  • 2 Bedroom
  • 0 Living Area
  • 0 Dining Area
Partially Furnished Package 2
$ 2200

4 weeks + 2 weeks complimentary

  • 5 Bedroom
  • 0 Living Area
  • 0 Dining Area

What Our Fantastic Customers Say

Caught up with Lemon Staging originated from a sudden change of a selling customer. The vendor decided to make the layout one week before the auction. We contacted Lemon Staging in the afternoon. Their stylist came to the house to inspect and give a quote for free. On the next day, they completed the staging of all 4 bedrooms plus 1 dining room. It was so prompt and caught up with the last house inspection before the auction. Coincidentally, the new landlord who bought the house on the day of the auction was interested in the staging. From then on, we has had a very agreeable business relationship with Lemon Staging over a number years.

As a sales consultant, the most troublesome thing is that the sellers have too many ideas about the interior decoration of the house. Since the long-term cooperation with Lemon Staging, this problem has been solved thoughtfully. For example, Lemon Staging has the policy of "Three times free adjustments of the Staging & Styling" which has been used from time to time to avoid extra cost. They always patiently explain the design ideas and the effects of the presentation to the customer every time, and prove their own design implementation ability with the actual cases, on the most recent auction. The buyer directly requested me for a business of Lemon Staging.

We are the largest home buying and selling agency in the SouthWest of Melbourne. As a sales manager, the goal is very clear, to help customers sell their houses at the best price. Our customers have ordinary living houses, Townhouses and new vacant houses or apartments, Lemon Staging is always able to design a very matching housing layout for different housing layout, and can make timely and appropriate adjustments based on feedback from some customers. Our customers admire their stylists who are very professional, thoughtful and patient. Thank you Lemon Staging, We look forward to an ongoing relationship.

Maximise your property’s potential

Just give us a Call,or a message:

  1. Address: Suite 1, C4, 2 Main Street, Point Cook VIC 3030
  2. Phone: 0426 202 777
  3. E-mail:  lemonstaging18@gmail.com

LemonStaging FAQ

Yes, our quote is free and our stylist will visit your home for inspection free as well.

Whole house with fully furniture and decorations is for vacant property. We bring everything and professionally stage your property. Our stylist will make it a display home.

Partial house with furniture and decorations is for owner occupied property. Owner has part good furniture and we will bring the others and decorations.

Yes, the price can be negotiation.

Yes, the stylist will offer a match style for your decoration.

Sorry, all products are for display purpose not for use.

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